Local Governing Body

A ‘Welcome’ from our Chair of Governors, Jackie Cutchey:

Dear Parents and Carers,

As Chair of the Local Governing Body, I would like to welcome you to Ormiston Cliff Park Infant and Ormiston Cliff Park Junior Academies. We are a body of volunteers committed to ensuring the academies are the best they can be and provide for all the pupils in our care. We are supported in our roles by the Ormiston Academies Trust. There are three main areas of our work: to ensure there is a clear vision for the academies, to hold leaders to account for the standards in the academies, and to ensure finances are managed effectively.

We hope your children enjoy their time at Ormiston Cliff Park Infant and Ormiston Cliff Park Junior Academies, and look forward to meeting you in the future.

Best wishes, Jackie Cutchey.

What are school governors?

Ormiston Cliff Park Infant Academy and Ormiston Cliff Park Junior Academy share a joint Local Governing Body, with responsibility for maintaining standards, and supporting and challenging school leadership to strive for excellence.

School governors are volunteers that form the Governing Body for the schools. Governors come from all aspects of a school community: parents, staff, local community and local authority.

Who are our school governors?

We are a group of volunteers with a range of skills and interests and a common aim: to ensure pupils at Ormiston Cliff Park Junior Academy are given the opportunity to achieve their best.

Our members are:

(Kate Rutherford, Jackie Huggins, Phil Reid and Louise Watkins attend in their roles as Executive Principal, Deputy Head of Academies, and Heads of Infant and Junior Academies respectively)

Structure of Governing Body

The Local Governing Body, the Finance and General Purposes subcommittee and the Strategic Progress Board meet at least once each term.


  • Chair of the Local Governing Body is Jackie Cutchey.
  • Chair of the Finance and General Purposes subcommittee is Claire Blamey.
  • Chair of the Strategic Progress Board is Kate Rutherford, Executive Principal.

Committee membership

Finance and General Purposes subcommittee:

  • Claire Blamey – Chair
  • Kate Rutherford – Executive Principal
  • Jackie Cutchey – Governor
  • Michael Walsh – Governor
  • Ian McCreadie – Governor

 Strategic Progress Board:

  • Kate Rutherford – Executive Principal
  • Jane Nolan – Regional Director: OAT East
  • Phil Read – Head of Infant Academy
  • Louise Watkins – Head of Junior Academy
  • Jackie Cutchey – Chair of Governors
  • Jackie Huggins – Governor

Disciplinary committee – minimum 3 members of governors available (excluding staff governor) – Chair to be decided on the day

Link Governors:

Safeguarding (to include Single Central Record) – Jackie Cutchey

SEND – Ian McCreadie

Pupil Premium – all

Mental Health/Well being – vacancy

GDPR – Claire Blamey

Finance – Claire Blamey

What does the governing body do?

The governing body’s main responsibility is to provide strategic leadership for the school working under guidelines established by Ormiston Academies Trust, these include:

  • Developing and supporting the strategic plan for the academy
  • Ensuring accountability
  • Challenging and supporting the Heads of School
  • Monitoring and evaluating the performance of the academy
  • Managing the academy budgets
  • Setting the aims and policies for the academy
  • Supporting the appointment of members of staff

To achieve this, all governors attend a Local Governing Body meeting at least once a term. Governors also monitor the performance of the academy through formal and informal visits, volunteering at the academy and feedback from pupils, parents and other community members.

Becoming a school governor

You do not need to have specific training or have a child attend Ormiston Cliff Park Junior Academy to become a governor. All we ask is that you are willing to give at least a few hours a month and have a desire to contribute to the continued development of the academy.

All successful applicants will be given an induction and have the opportunity to attend training to further develop their skills and abilities.

If you are interested in volunteering as a school governor and would like to find out more please contact the governing body or the academy.

Your views are important to us

The governing body consistently seeks feedback regarding the academy and its performance, from our stakeholders. If you have any comments or suggestions to make Ormiston Cliff Park Junior Academy a better academy please get in touch with us using the contact details below.

Please note that governors are not involved in the day to day running of the academy, as this is delegated to the Heads of School. If you have a particular query regarding your child you should first speak to the class teacher or Head of School.

Contacting the governing body

You can contact the governing body by:

  • Using the Governor’s Box located in the academy reception
  • Emailing [email protected], ensuring you clearly mark the email ‘For the attention of the Chair of Governors’
  • Leaving a message at the school office
  • Writing to: The Governing Body, Ormiston Cliff Park Junior Academy, Orde Avenue, Gorleston-on-Sea, Norfolk NR31 6SZ

Governing Body meeting dates 2021


Spring Term
Meeting type Date Time
Strategic Progress Board 19th January 3pm
Strategic Progress Board 23rd March 3pm
Local Governing Body 25th March 1pm


Summer Term
Meeting type Date Time
Strategic Progress Board 18th May 3pm
Strategic Progress Board 6th July 3pm
Local Governing Body 15th July 9am



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