Maths-a-thon and Inter-schools Maths Quiz success!

Cliff Park Junior School children have had fantastic success at recent Mathematics competitions!

Maths-a-thon at Ormiston Venture Academy

On Wednesday 11th July, 16 children, four from each year group, took part in an East Norfolk Mathematics competition held at Ormiston Venture Academy School (see thumbnail photo above).

It was a wonderful opportunity for our students to display what wonderful mathematicians they are.  The competition was fierce and lasted all morning.

We are delighted to announce that the year 4 and 6 teams were both runners up and the year 3 and 5 teams won their respective tournaments.

The children had an amazing day and as always they behaved impeccably. A credit to the school.

Inter-schools Maths Quiz at the UEA

On Thursday 14th June, four children represented Cliff Park Junior School at UEA, in Norwich, in a Mathematics Competition.  Overall, they came second out of all the schools in Norfolk only losing to Norwich High School.

The children travelled to the venue with two teaching assistants (Mrs Loades and Mrs Carter) who were very supportive on the day.  They started their journey at 8:45am and arrived at 9:30am. There were many great facilities at the UEA and the children were very thankful to be chosen to compete in the annual competition.

The children had a briefing at 10am, which helped them to understand what would happen during the day. They went into the first round feeling nervous as it was there first time. In their individual rounds no one got a question wrong. By the end of this round the children earned themselves 24 points drawing with another school. There was one team round and two individual rounds.

In the second round, they were up against two different schools. Once again, the children got all of their individual questions correct. During round two, they got full marks, which they were very proud of.

After this round, all the children gathered into the lecture theatre, to see how well they had done. There was anticipation in the room and it was a nerve-wrecking experience.

The results were in… Lingwood Academy 53 points, Cliff Park Junior with 55 points and Norwich High School with 57 points. This meant that they were through to the finals.

The finals were held in the lecture theatre. Schools, who did not make it, could either watch in silence and answer the tough and challenging questions or clear their doubts about university with the student ambassadors. In the first individual round, the children answered all the questions correctly and stretched ahead with a four point lead. Unfortunately, on the team round, the lead was cut to two points as Norwich High School were gaining on them. Sadly, for Cliff Park they got one question incorrect in the second of the individual rounds, whereas Norwich High School got all theirs accurate, making the two schools level. Then, the bonus question… The question was extremely hard and Norwich High School answered it correctly and Cliff Park were unsuccessful. Even though Cliff Park children came second they were very sporting towards both Lingwood and Norwich High School for all their efforts.

Overall, Cliff Park returned feeling proud of representing their school. As it was Cliff Park’s first time, they felt like they set the bar high for many years to come.

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