Weekly Awards

We are very proud of our students, and take great pleasure in celebrating their successes.

Each week, every class awards the following:-

  • Learner of the Week
  • Reader of the Week
  • Maths Star of the Week


For the week of 30th November – 4th December 2020, class group winners were:-


 Year 3 classes Blackbird Robin Sparrow
Learner of the Week Flora Theo Isabella
Reader of the Week Alfie James Jesse-George Isabelle
Maths Star of the Week Olivia S Mirren-Rose Darci


 Year 4 classes Chaffinch Wagtail Woodpecker
Learner of the Week Ethan Tilly Jacob A
Reader of the Week Colby George Sama and Riley
Maths Star of the Week Alfie Ellie Jacob G


 Year 5 classes Bittern Heron Kingfisher
Learner of the Week Sian Olivia Karina
Reader of the Week Toby Jasper Levi
Maths Star of the Week Ava Warren Fletcher


 Year 6 classes Kestrel Marsh Harrier Peregrine
Learner of the Week Alfie Oscar Isaac
Reader of the Week Thomas Evie Jasmine
Maths Star of the Week George C Jayden Brooke

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