Weekly Awards

We are very proud of our students, and take great pleasure in celebrating their successes.

Each week, every class awards the following:-

  • Learner of the Week
  • Reader of the Week
  • Maths Star of the Week


For the week of 12th – 16th July 2021, class group winners were:-


 Year 3 classes Blackbird Robin Sparrow
Learner of the Week Theo, Hansel Gatsby
Reader of the Week Sammy, Poppy-Mai Korben
Maths Star of the Week Hansel, Elsie Isabella
Golden Book Winston, Abdulrahman, and the whole class! Riley, Gatsby, Freddie, George, Charlotte, Isabelle, Louie


 Year 4 classes Chaffinch Wagtail Woodpecker
Learner of the Week Amelia
Reader of the Week Marlee
Maths Star of the Week Alfie
Golden Book Athul, Barnaby, Ethan


 Year 5 classes Bittern Heron Kingfisher
Learner of the Week Phoebe Jasper Summer
Reader of the Week Aiden Rylan Bibi
Maths Star of the Week Khalila Beni Areeba
Golden Book Fedora, Jacob, Samuel, Finley F, Violet, Maisie, Eleanor, Khalila Maci-Jai, Willow, Olivia, Izzy, Sienna Summer, Amreen, Ellie-May, Lexi, Areeba


 Year 6 classes Kestrel Marsh Harrier Peregrine
Learner of the Week
Reader of the Week
Maths Star of the Week
Golden Book Isabel, Aaron, Adelaide, Livvy, Chloe, Shelby Ethan, Marley, Isla, Lily, Aubrey, Kai, Finn, Lola, Mahy

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