Year 4 Learning Cafes

Our Year 4 Spring term Learning Café focused on introducing parents to the measurement section of the Maths curriculum, giving them an opportunity to do some practical activities with their children as well as learn more about the different mathematical methods we use in the classroom.

We based the different activities around the text ‘George’s Marvellous Medicine’, reading an extract from the book at the beginning of the session before introducing the children and parents to each of the activities.


We set up a wide variety of activities that supported the work we are doing in the classroom as part of the Maths curriculum. As we were focusing on measurement, we set up both practical and theoretical activities for the children to complete.

The practical activities were:

  1. Creating a replica of George’s medicine by accurately measuring (in ml) amounts of different liquids. The children could make twice the amount of medicine by doubling each of the ingredients.
  2. Using a tape measure to measure different parts of the body. The children then had to halve each of the lengths they found.
  3. Using scales to check the weight of different bags of “animal food” in order to answer word problems.

The theoretical activities included:

  • Planning a farmyard, working out area and perimeter
  • Measurement problem-solving activities
  • Fraction questions linked with questions about recipes

Parent Feedback:

The parent turnout was high and we received some really positive feedback. Below are some comments received on a questionnaire given out at the end of the session.

“Well thought out activities for the children, interesting learning lessons combined with fun.”

“Gives insight into children’s learning, ideas of how to extend learning and practical ideas to aid learning at home.”

“What a wonderful way to interact with our kids while they are learning! Very nice range of activities, including maths, science and art.”

“The experiments make the Maths and learning more interesting…The girls I helped said they had lots of fun and learned to worked together as a team.”

“Lovely to be able to spend time at school being shown how Maths can be fun and a challenge.”

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