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This time of uncertainty during school closure and partial lockdown has brought many positives to our lives. Some of our families have shared their experiences of home learning with us, and we would love to bring a bit of cheer to your day by sharing them with you!

See our website galleries here for some wonderful examples of educational activities, fun learning experiences, and even an under-the-stairs den!

We will try to share photographs and stories with you every week during school closure.

Home Learning tales – “… yesterday we had a geography day and planned a round the world trip. We researched destinations, climates, currencies, foods and what we could do when we’re there. We had a big map of the world and planned the best route. We also learnt some phrases for each destination. Today we’ve been learning about The War of the Roses as that’s what [my youngest child’s] big sister is doing in history. We’ve drawn big family trees and timelines as well as drawing some beautiful Lancastrian and Yorkshire roses. We have been doing our maths and English every morning after PE with Joe Wicks too.”

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